Monday, April 12, 2010

Made It Mondays - Color Change Bracelet and Earrings

I'm trying something new today! Apparently while I was on my blogging break, Jules over at The Persimmon Perch ( invited me to join her for "Made It Mondays." I just found her invite last Thursday, so this will be my first submission!

Green/Gray - Natural light/Incandescent

Pink - Fluorescent light

Last week I made the above bracelet and earring set from Swarovski color change crystals and glass pearls. Swarovski color change crystals are amazing because they appear a different color in every type of light. Incandescent light makes them appear green; fluorescent brings out a lovely pink/peach; and natural outdoor light, they're a grey green.

What I did is a relatively simple, loose beading pattern. All you need are the following:

1) a length of clear beading wire (cut to be the length you want AFTER it is doubled). Leave enough extra for knotting the end.
2) a box clasp
3) glass pearls
4) crystals -- I chose color change because of the dramatic way light effects it
5) metal butterfly beads or other "spacers" of your choice
6) earwires if you want to make earrings also
7) 1 small silver crimp bead for the bracelet, 2 additional ones for earrings
8) pair of small needle nose pliers

Thread your beading wire through one end of the box clasp. Making sure your wire is even, add beads: place one pearl on each end of the wire, bring wire together and add a single crystal, add two pearls, bring wire together and add a spacer bead. Repeat until bracelet is desired length (mine is 8.5").

This is a box clasp.

Once it will fit comfortably around your wrist, add a crimp bead. Thread your wire through the free end of the box clasp and bring it back through the crimp bead. Tighten your wire until there is no undesirable space between your beads. Flatten your crimp bead with the pliers until it is secure. Tie a knot or two in your wire close to the final bead and thread it back through a bead or two for extra security.

For earrings, use a piece of clear beading wire that is approximately 4 inches long. String one crystal, flank it with a pearl on either side, bring the wire together and thread your spacer (or butterfly) bead, and add your crimp bead. Bring ends of the wire through the loop of the earwire, and thread ends back through the crimp bead. Flatten the bead with your pliers, and thread wire through top spacer bead for security. Repeat for second earring.

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