Sunday, April 11, 2010

On Admitting There May Be Ghosts

I wrote my ghost blog on Friday. Today, Sunday, strange things have been occurring around my house. Last night I folded a quilt on top of my suitcase, which is standing on the far side of my room next to a window. I woke up this morning and the quilt was in its place. After a shower and some coffee, I went back to my bedroom to get ready for lunch; the quilt was laying in the middle of the room, like it had been dragged. I folded the quilt and put it back on the suitcase.

When I came home after lunch at my grandparents' house, the quilt was in place, but a table cloth was in the middle of the living room floor. Yes, the table cloth was supposed to be in the living room since I was using it for a backdrop to take pictures of my jewelry, but when I left, it was on a chair, not in the floor!

The cats could probably have something to do with the movable linens, but the quilt seems a little big and heavy for them to tackle. While I was having coffee, they were all in the living room with me. I've seen them move rugs, even pull the table cloth backdrop off the chair, but entire quilts? That seems a little much.

Less than a week after Chris and I moved into this house, our wedding quilt that my aunt had made for us vanished. We assume it was stolen along with a wine rack that was in our garage, but maybe I just have a ghost with an obsession with linens.

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