Monday, May 10, 2010

Made it Monday

Last week, I went to Colorado to visit my husband who is going to school near Denver, so I've missed a few "Made it Mondays." I took my craft bag, so I could stay busy while he was in class, and I wound up with four pet necklaces and three sock mice. I don't have pictures of the process, but I have some great after pictures.

Since it was late when I got home on Sunday night, I didn't unpack my bags. I decided to get back to work this evening, so I brought my craft bag to the living room. Stryker woke up immediately when I unzipped the bag, and he acted like he really wanted to go through it. When I found the necklaces and made sure bag of catnip was zipped up, I let Stryker look in the bag, and he reached for one of the sock mice. He made sure I got all of them out of the bag, and he started playing.

Snowbird came over and wanted a toy, too, and she snuggled up with the white mouse and went to sleep. I love her expression in this picture!

Even Christabelle wanted to play. Spike was taking a nap, so she didn't join in the sock mouse fun.

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